GPD Serving with Honor

Billy J Charles

Chief of Police

Clark Casey


  • Mission Statement

    Individually as Law Enforcement Officers and Administrative staff of the Galena Police Department it is our mission to protect the property, life and liberty of the citizens of Galena with integrity, and the utmost respect to the Constitution of the United States of America.

    Furthermore it is our mission to forge alliances and partnership with members of our community to achieve success in the reduction of criminal activity and to positively impact the pursuit of justice for victims of crime within our jurisdiction and beyond.

  • Vision Statement

    It is our vision to be regarded as a highly capable law enforcement team who operates with sincere compassion and unwavering integrity for the citizens we serve.

  • Core Values


    Operating in a manner which sets the example for our peers, outside agencies and our community, emphasizing accountability, professionalism and selflessness.


    The ability to stand up to adversity physically and morally in service to our community.


    Commitment to a common goal for the sake of our community, our agency, and our peers.


    An understanding by which all individuals share an equal amount of dedication and commitment from without prejudice to the demographic they represent.


    Living and working with regard for the safety and well-being of others before ourselves and the understanding by our very oath it is our duty to serve the community who has empowered us.


Barry Smith

Investigations Sergeant #202

Blaine Cornelius

Patrol Sergeant #204

Chris Corbit

Patrol Officer #205

Corky Hicks

Patrol Officer #208

Samanatha Gilker

PT Patrol Officere #211

Garry Rucker

PT Patrol Sergeant #221

Gabriel Baugh

Patrol Officer #206

Sara Seigel

Patrol Officer #209

Brad Knight

Patrol Officer #212

Micah Fleming

Patrol Officer #207

Brandon Hay

PT Patrol Officer #210

Wayne Nelson

PT Patrol Officer #213


David Black

Admin Assistant #214

Savannah Gatewood

PT Dispatcher #215

Chris Coy

Animal Control Officer #230

Jacqueline Anderson

Part Time Dispatcher #217

Gail Wade

PT Dispatcher #216


Kyle West

Reserve Patrol Officer #222

Trina Hamilton

Reserve Patrol Officer #225


Reserve Patrol Officer #228

Cheyenne Lewis

Reserve Patrol Officer #234


Reserve Patrol Officer #223

Wesley Anderson

Reserve Patrol Officer #226

Juliana Miller

Reserve Patrol Officer #229

Amanda Phillips

Reserve Patrol Officer #224

Emmett Casey

Reserve Patrol Officer #227

Dean Walker

Sentinel Officer #235


Police Department
Phone:  (620) 783-5065
Fax: (620) 783-1876
210 Turner Dr
Galena, KS 66739