Received this message from Candice Wammack and wanted to pass it on.  It is good to know we have officers that care about the community they work; It is great when the community confirms it.

I’m not sure who runs this page or who I could speak to but last Sunday while out for our little annual hayride , officer Cornelius followed us on a back road in empire, he went on as we turned to continue our ride, about 10 minutes later he passed us by the old nursing home in empire, turned around , got behind us on the side road he flipped on his sirens and stopped us… he got out of his car with 2 bags of candy which he ran by the dollar store to grab after seeing us the first time.. he showered the kids with candy and conversation for a few minutes… after wishing the kids a happy Halloween he went on his way and we did the same but every kid on this hay ride was so excited and my kids still are talking about it so please extend our thanks to him for not just patrolling our streets but also interacting with people in such a caring way, we truly appreciate it!!!
Candice Wammack
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