August 8th, at 630pm in the Galena Community Room will be our next neighborhood watch meeting.

See you all there.

-Information about trying to prevent break-ins and thefts-

If you have motion lights on your home, keep them on. Keep a porch light on! Lit up areas are less inviting to criminals. Also, secure any expensive items.
If you see someone lurking around call law enforcement. That’s what they’re there for. If you have your cell phone, snap a picture of them so it’s easier to identify them. If you seen strange vehicles, get a description, a licence plate number. Get as many details about the suspect and vehicles as you can. What direction are they going? If your neighbors dogs begin to bark and carry on, go investigate.

The neighborhood watch program is not a vigilante group, we are there to help support our police officers and provide information to help apprehend criminals.
If you see something suspicious, you can text what you’re seeing or the photos you’ve taken to 888777 “tipcherokee” and it’s completely anonymous! Call 911 to report any suspicious activity!

It’s much easier to help out our police with eyes and ears out EVERY where. The police are doing the very best that they can! So let’s help out!!