Galena Assembly will be giving away FREE winter Clothing!!!!!

Long Sleeves, Sweaters, Jackets, Coats, Hoodies, Jeans, & Pants

Sunday, October 30, 2016 from 4:00 – 6:00pm at the North Campus (109 W Empire St.)

Form more information call the church office

(620) 783-2349

City Ordinance: Numbering Buildings

Please help our Emergency/ First Responders by following the City Ordinance.


4-1004. SIZE AND PLACEMENT OF NUMBERS. Numbers shall be legible and of sufficient size as to be easily read from the street, and shall be placed in a conspicuous place upon the front of the buildings. (Rev. Ord. 1951, 4-604)

4-1005. PENALTY. Any person who shall remove, destroy, or in any way injure any number put on any house as herein provided, or who shall fail, neglect or refuse to comply with any of the provisions of this article shall be deemed guilty of a violation of this code and upon conviction shall be fined in a sum not less than $50.00 not more than $500. (Code 2015

City Ordinances on Solid Waste.

Be kind to your neighbors and help keep our City clean by following the City ordinances on solid waste.

  Things to remember:

  • never set your trash out the night before unless it is in a container that is pest proof

  • never leave garbage container out on street, avenue, sidewalk, alleyway or lot occupied or vacant, this can lead to a violation of the City’s Health and Welfare ordinance 8–101

  • never over load any containers, this is not good on the equipment or the city employees

  • overloaded dumpster will not be emptied; it causes damage to the city’s trash truck

  • a recyclable trailer is provided by the County Health Department, located on the east side of the Archival Library, 206 W. 7th. Schedule is not provided to the city at this time. Contact Carl Hays at 620-429-3087 for more information.


15-404     DUTY OF OWNER, OCCUPANT. The owner or occupant of every dwelling unit or commercial enterprise shall provide at his or her own expense a suitable container for the storage of solid waste as provided in this article. No owner or occupant shall permit to accumulate quantities of refuse or other waste materials within or  close to any structure within the city unless the same is stored in approved containers and in such a manner as not to create a health or fire hazard. (Code 2015)

15-405     CONTAINERS. Residential containers shall have a capacity of not more than 30 gallons. They shall be of galvanized metal or other non-rusting material of substantial construction. Each container shall have a tight fitting lid and shall be leak-proof and fly-tight. All containers shall have handles of suitable construction to permit lifting. Plastic bags manufactured for garbage and refuse disposal may be substituted for residential containers. Plastic bags, when used shall be securely closed. All garbage shall be drained of all liquids before being placed in bags or containers.

 15-406     BULK CONTAINERS. On premises where excessive amounts of refuse   accumulate or where cans or bags are impractical bulk containers for the storage of refuse may be used. Containers shall have a capacity and shall be equipped with appurtenances for attaching mechanical lifting devices which are compatible with the collection equipment being used. Containers shall be constructed of durable rust and corrosion resistant material      which is easy to clean. All containers shall be equipped with tight fitting lids or doors to prevent entrance of insects or rodents. Doors and lids shall be constructed and maintained so they can be easily opened. Containers shall be watertight, leak-proof and weather proof construction. (Code 2015)

15-407     ENTER PRIVATE PREMISES. Solid waste collectors, employed by the city or operating under contract with the city, are hereby authorized to enter in and upon private property for the purpose of collecting solid waste therefrom as required by this article. (Code 2015)

15-408     OWNERSHIP OF SOLID WASTE. Ownership of solid waste when placed in containers by the occupants or owners of premises upon which refuse accumulates, shall be vested in the city and thereafter shall be subject to the exclusive control of the city, its employees or contractors. No person shall meddle with refuse containers or in any way pilfer or scatter contents thereof in any alley or street within the city. (Code 2015)

15-409     WRAPPING GARBAGE. All garbage shall be drained of all excess liquid, and wrapped in paper or other disposable container before being placed in solid waste containers. (Code 2015)

15-410     HEAVY, BULKY WASTE. Heavy accumulations such as brush, tree limbs, broken concrete, sand or gravel, automobile frames, dead trees, and other bulky, heavy materials shall be disposed of at the expense of the owner or person controlling same. (Code 2015)

15-411     HAZARDOUS MATERIALS. No person shall deposit in a solid waste container or otherwise offer for collection any hazardous garbage, refuse, or waste.

Hazardous material shall include:

  1. Explosive materials;
  2. Rags or other waste soaked in volatile and flammable materials;
  3. Chemicals;
  4. Poisons;
  5. Radio-active materials;
  6. Highly combustible materials;
  7. Soiled dressings, clothing, bedding and/or other wastes, contaminated by infection or contagious disease;
  8. Any other materials which may present a special hazard to collection or disposal personnel, equipment, or to the public. (Code 2015)

15-412     PROHIBITED PRACTICES. It shall be unlawful for any person to:

  1. Deposit solid waste in any container other than that owned or leased by him or under his control without written consent of the owner and/or with the intent of avoiding payment of the refuse service charge;
  2. Interfere in any manner with employees of the city or its contractors in the collection of solid waste;
  3. Burn solid waste except in an approved incinerator and unless a variance has been granted and a written permit obtained from the city or the appropriate air pollution control agency;
  4. Bury refuse at any place within the city except that lawn and garden trimmings may be composted. (Code 2015)

15-413     OBJECTIONABLE WASTE. Manure from cow lots, stables, poultry yards, pigeon lofts and other animal or fowl pens, and waste oils from garages or filling stations shall be removed and disposed of at the expense of the person controlling the same and in a manner consistent with this article. (Code 2015)

15-414     UNAUTHORIZED DISPOSAL. No person shall haul or cause to be hauled any garbage, refuse or other waste material of any kind to any place, site or area within or without the limits of the city unless such site is a sanitary landfill, transfer point or disposal facility approved by the Kansas State Department of Health and Environment. (Code 2015)

LINK TO: City Ordinance Solid-Waste

Animal Control

These two were picked up at 10th and Elm this morning digging in some trash. If you are or know the owners, Please contact the Galena Police Department.lab-pups-10-elm

Planning & Zoning Commission

The City of Galena is accepting applications for the Planning &  Zoning Commission. Of the 3 positions currently available, 1 must live inside city limits and the other 2 positions must live outside the city limits but within 3 miles of corporate limits. Interested persons may come by the City Clerk’s Office 211 W 7th Street and fill out an application.  The Application is also available in the Documents Tab of this Web Site.