Sergeant’s Safety Tip

When you are travelling north bound at 7th and Main, it is the tendency of most east bound turning drivers to courteously pull to the right before executing the turn. Unfortunately the next northbound vehicle will inevitably pull up right to the line, or past it, causing your field of vision to deteriorate. Naturally drivers will creep forward to see better. This has on several occasions caused many accidents in this intersection.

The second circumstance which tends to happen is a north bound driver will pull up to the line correctly to initiate an east bound turn, simultaneously another driver will pull to the right to initiate an east bound turn as well. The first driver will be focused to the west monitoring traffic and execute their turn striking the second vehicle.

Main Street is a two lane roadway with one north and one south bound lane. The widened area is simply an easement for large commercial vehicles to be able to execute the east bound turn without having to encroach on the westbound traffic.

If you have any questions on this, do not hesitate to contact us!

Stay Safe!

Sgt. Blaine Cornelius

World Record Holder Stop’s in Galena

On September 24, 2016 Danielle Girdano stopped by the Galena Police Department to show her appreciation as she traveled from Chicago to Santa Monica setting a new World Record.
It’s official: Danielle has brought the title back to America and beat the World Record by 21 days! First Responders For Fitness coordinated the Law Enforcement and Fire Departments along Route 66 and we thank all of our brothers & sisters for their overwhelming support.